Health Care Reboot: Megatrends Energizing American Medicine

Health Care Reboot: Megatrends Energizing American Medicine injects a much-needed dose of optimism into the national health care debate. The book makes a compelling case that a series of powerful trends are leading the nation’s health care system towards greater quality, safety, access, and affordability. The trends include historic breakthroughs in treatments for heart disease and cancer; integration of behavioral health services into primary care; recognizing and acting upon the broad effect of social determinants of health; consumer empowerment focused on measures and outcomes that matter most to patients; paying for value rather than volume causing doctors and hospitals to shift to a newly aggressive proactive approach to caring for patients. Collectively, these trends are rebooting our health care system to better serve the needs of providers, payers, and, most importantly, patients.

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Health Care Reboot - Book Cover

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Leading with optimism

Optimism at the docks

Watching from the balcony

The megatrends are positive

Technology, are you kidding?

Out with the fees, in with the value

Hospital care, yes…Out-of-hospital care, yes

Boiling with frustration

Untangling the red tape

Tear that wall down


Michael J. Dowling, Northwell Health President and Chief Executive Officer and Coauthor Charles Kenney discuss their new book, and support their case for renewed confidence in the American health care system.

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Refreshing, readable, conscientious, and encouraging examination of American health care. Makes a cogent, credible case that despite problems and flaws, which are discussed and dissected, the overall trend is heartingly positive.

Steve Forbes

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