Rebooting America's Health Care

Northwell Health President and CEO, Michael Dowling set out to transform health care in America. His message is hopeful and optimistic: things can and will get better, but only if we work together, and collectively rise to the occasion.

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Northwell Health
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Health Care Reboot: Megatrends Energizing American Medicine

In his groundbreaking new book, Michael Dowling and co-author Charles Kenney, make a convincing case that rather than lament our current medical system, we should be celebrating scientific advances—such as gene editing and cancer immunotherapy—and marketplace changes creating a more integrated and holistic system of health care delivery. Health Care Reboot: Megatrends Energizing American Medicine dives into the central challenge of our era and paints an optimistic picture of where we are headed.

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Health Care Reboot - Book Cover

Meet Michael

Health System President | CEO | Author

President and CEO of Northwell Health, Michael Dowling is a revolutionary thought leader in the field of health care. A man of integrity, hope, and optimism, he believes in the power of our collective action to radically transform America’s health care system, so that tomorrow’s delivery is even better than it is today.

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Interested in downloading chapter 2 of my new book, Health Care Reboot: Megatrends Energizing American Medicine?

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Michael J. Dowling, Northwell Health President and Chief Executive Officer and Coauthor Charles Kenney discuss their new book, and support their case for renewed confidence in the American health care system.

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